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Are you a procurement professional, looking to level up?

We are New Zealand's best known practical Procurement Training Organisation.

Through our inspiring two-day Clever Buying Course and our well-structured coaching programme, we certify almost all NZ Public Sector Procurement Graduates.

Who is Clever Buying?

We are internationally recognised leaders in best practice procurement. Our experienced team trains procurement in the best of leading-edge procurement theory and practices through our popular Clever Buying courses.

What our customers are saying

I found this qualification much more useful and interesting than what I anticipated. The live sessions were amazing and provided the best value, but I also learned that a good Procurement Plan is the most important document and is key for a smooth and straightforward procurement process. Thank you, Clever Buying team!

Waka Kotahi newly graduated Qualified Tender Evaluator

Best two-day training course I have ever attended. It was interesting, relevant and kept my attention for the whole course.

I gained extensive, useful knowledge about all aspects of procurement. As a Consultant, it really made me think more from a tenderers perspective and highlighted some of the shortcomings we commonly see in RFX documentation.

Consultant - Qualified Procurement Professional

Thank you for an enlightening and challenging course. Perhaps you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  I found the course to be really relevant, and I think that we will be changing the way that we will do our process from now on…. particularly with respect to changing our evaluation methodology to being more fit for purpose.

Procurement Manager

The course is well-designed and structured thus it is really easy to be picked up by the project or procurement managers who may have different levels of understanding of the rules, guidelines, and procedures and so on. In addition, the way you deliver the course is very professional and memorable, but most importantly it has lots of fun stuff that makes the learning enjoyable and interesting.

Procurement Graduate

Just wanted to say that you were a hit yesterday, thank you. The team are raving about you today! I just sent an e-mail out thanking them for their participation etc. and WOW, all have said the course was excellent and learning heaps and relevant for their requirements!

Auckland Transport

I have found this course very useful in many aspects. Even though I have had many years of experience in procurement, I found the course has helped me a lot in terms of obtaining the industrial knowledge, improving the practical skills, and applying the right techniques to the right jobs.

Tender Evaluator - Local Government
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