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Attention NZQA Procurement Trainees

Important update on training and assessment funding from 2023

If you’re currently working through your NZQA Procurement Qualification, you need to know about possible changes to government funding for assessment, from December 2022 on.

From 2023, the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) which has covered training and assessment for your NZQA Level 6 Infrastructure Procurement Qualification will stop. While we are doing everything we can to alert the relevant Government authorities that this funding should continue, we have no guarantees.

After all, surely there can be no better investment in Government funds than training public sector procurement people to do their job well – so that maximum value is delivered for every taxpayer dollar. It’s hard to see any reason or logic in pulling the plug on funding for a qualification that’s had a massive 500% increase in uptake by public sector procurement professionals since costs were covered for trainees in July 2020!

If you are part way through your qualification, it makes sense to work hard to complete your assignments in the next few months, while the funding is guaranteed. If you don’t complete by the end of this year, and Government doesn’t come through with funding for this qualification in future, there may be a top-up to pay for any remaining assessment activity.

To help you move forward at pace, we have several assignments that do not rely on workplace opportunities, but rely on either desk research or scenarios to build and practice your procurement skills. This means everyone should be able to keep up steady progress through the majority of their qualification assessment requirements. 

If you haven’t yet completed Unit Standard 18930 on Procurement Ethics, Application of Government Procurement Rules, and legal issues, please get in touch asap. If you’re an experienced procurement practitioner with a reasonable handle on fair procurement processes and Government Procurement Rules, you’ll able to score those 15 credits in less than a day’s work (and interesting, too!).

If you’re not sure what assignments you should be working on, please drop us a line. We’re here to help!

Hopefully this will help accelerate your progress through your qualification – aim for completion by the end of the year!

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