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Your Blueprint for Masterful Procurement Planning

Procurement Plans in the public sector seem to come in all shapes and sizes. From 200-page Procurement Strategy documents, to one-page executive summaries or hastily thrown together rush jobs, it’s hard to navigate the areas that most need your focus when planning a procurement process.

Your Four Best Tools for World-Class Procurement

Procurement is tough, right? It’s hard to reach the peak of procurement excellence with huge pressure on public organisations to get value for money, short timeframes, complex and risky projects, and pressure to find sustainable solutions – finding the right supplier can be difficult. We have good news! Here are four simple ways you can make […]

How to spot a flawed Procurement Process – fast

A ten-point checklist for busy Procurement Managers You’re emailed a Procurement Plan or RFx documents for approval, and you’ve got very limited time to check it. Sadly, many RFTs that are prepared by so-called seasoned procurement professionals are not well put together – and as a result, they attract poor quality (or no!) responses. Increasingly, […]

The 4th edition of the NZ Government Procurement Rules

The 4th Edition of the Government Procurement Rules came into effect on the 1st October 2019. This was the most significant change in NZ procurement since the Rules of Sourcing came into effect in October 2013. In line with the current government’s ideology, the amended rules are aimed to create leverage through procurement, to improve wellbeing for […]

Five top tips for setting weights with SQP25

It’s been a couple of years since we introduced SQP25 – a powerful adaptation of the NZTA’s Attribute Weight Setting Tool. In that period, it’s been used by scores of tender evaluation teams to take the guesswork (and hopefully, the nasty surprises) out of setting attribute weights. Through that experience, we’ve refined our thinking and […]

How to become a ‘client of choice’

Making best use of an increasingly limited supplier market to deliver ambitious infrastructure programmes is a challenge for all government agencies today. When work is scarce, the choice between large and small contractors; and between local, regional and offshore suppliers is a luxury that plays into the hands of our buyers. But what happens when […]

SQP25 – a new tool to select the right Attribute Weightings

It’s a breakthrough! A new tool that helps you pay the right premium for quality – every time. Setting weights in tenders has always been tricky. Even with the benefits of transparency provided by the Price Quality Method, tender evaluations vary considerably and sometimes produce recommendations that don’t appear to support Value for Money. Our […]