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Your Blueprint for Masterful Procurement Planning

Procurement Plans in the public sector seem to come in all shapes and sizes. From 200-page Procurement Strategy documents, to one-page executive summaries or hastily thrown together rush jobs, it’s hard to navigate the areas that most need your focus when planning a procurement process.

Procurement Probity – Chumps or Champions?

Check out this alarming feedback from government procurement managers about their probity auditors and/ or advisors… “ No reference to – or understanding of the need for – a Procurement Plan.”“No mention of scoring priorities or methods in a tender evaluator briefing”“Conflict of Interest identification and management ignored potential or perceived Conflicts”“They could not explain […]

Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) in NZ – Darling, Dog, or Dancer?

Lean-Agile Procurement

Lean-Agile Procurement is taking the world by storm, we’re told. It’s said to be a clever, fast-paced, supremely efficient model for procurement, which slashes the time and effort of selecting the best supplier. It’s simple, fun and exciting, say its fans. And it sets up a collaborative framework with suppliers from the first engagement.

How to get great suppliers in a stretched market

“I got no tender responses! Now what?”  More and more clients are finding nobody wants to bid for their projects. It’s too easy to just put this down to suppliers being busy. But smart procurement professionals are finding ways to attract the best, (and the busiest) contractors to their projects. Here are four proven ways […]

Tender Evaluation Red Flags: Is 70:30 PQM wasting your procurement budget?

It may be a shock to find out that the traditional default tender evaluation method used by many organisations delivers the worst of all worlds. But a careful analysis of how it works reveals that Price Quality Method with 70:30 weightings is time-consuming, expensive for clients, expensive for suppliers, and almost always delivers the same […]