Yikes! Will Government pull the plug on NZQA Procurement Training next year?

No more money

One of the most valuable initiatives implemented by the current Government was to fully fund NZQA Level 6 practical procurement training from July 2020, via the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund. After all, what better investment is there, than practical training on how to make more efficient use of public money? … but right now, […]

How to get great suppliers in a stretched market

“I got no tender responses! Now what?”  More and more clients are finding nobody wants to bid for their projects. It’s too easy to just put this down to suppliers being busy. But smart procurement professionals are finding ways to attract the best, (and the busiest) contractors to their projects. Here are four proven ways […]

Congratulations to recent NZQA Procurement Graduates!

We’re delighted to congratulate our recent graduates NZQA Level 6 Procurement Qualification!  They’ve spent on average around 14 months working alongside their NZQA-Qualified Procurement Tutor and Assessor. The programme uses their workplace procurement activity to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills in today’s leading-edge procurement practices. Congratulations to: Darryl Wong, KiwiRail Jinnie Lock, Hastings DC […]

Tender Evaluation Red Flags: Is 70:30 PQM wasting your procurement budget?

It may be a shock to find out that the traditional default tender evaluation method used by many organisations delivers the worst of all worlds. But a careful analysis of how it works reveals that Price Quality Method with 70:30 weightings is time-consuming, expensive for clients, expensive for suppliers, and almost always delivers the same […]

What Evaluation Method Should I Use?

A checklist for practitioners The range of evaluation methods available for you to use is fairly broad, and not all methods are well known. Here is a quick and dirty summary of the main evaluation methods that are available, together with some guidelines on when and how to use them. Direct Appointment: Used frequently in […]

Tender Evaluators match-making service – Available now at no cost!

Need a skilled tender evaluator? We can put you in with a skilled procurement professional who needs examples of tender evaluations to complete their NZQA Procurement Qualification. Each of these candidates has completed 80% of the qualification, and has been thoroughly trained in best practice in evaluating tenders and procurement probity. We have candidates based […]

Attention NZQA Procurement Trainees

Important update on training and assessment funding from 2023 If you’re currently working through your NZQA Procurement Qualification, you need to know about possible changes to government funding for assessment, from December 2022 on. From 2023, the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) which has covered training and assessment for your NZQA Level 6 Infrastructure […]

Should our big spenders be qualified?

Isn’t it time that those who spend tens of billions of dollars of public money every year should be obliged to be trained and qualified to spend it wisely?  We think a generic NZQA-accredited procurement qualification should be required for procurement practitioners of significant projects. The savings – both in procurement process efficiency and in […]

A Landmark Legal Decision exposes unfair Tendering Practices

A victory was scored by a supplier in late July 2015, with a High Court decision against a Ministry that breached Government’s Procurement Rules. The tendering decision was overturned, and all legal costs of the plaintiff were borne by the defendant. The Problem Gambling Foundation has successfully challenged a tendering decision by the Ministry of […]

Who Will Benefit?

Tender evaluators Managers responsible for preparing RFTs Council / local government managers and engineers Procurement senior and middle managers Consultants Commercial and business managers Purchasing managers CEOs, general managers and managing directors Divisional managers A class act. Interesting, thought-provoking, incredibly applicable and useful.