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5 things we can expect in NZ Procurement this year

If you’ve shaken the sand from your shoes and got your feet under the desk again, brace yourself! Procurement this year promises some key changes that you and your team should be on top of. Here are the five that we think will affect you most. And that’s why being the best in procurement is […]

All you need to know about Promises Registers

Your Contract Manager’s most powerful performance management tool. The Procurement Lifecycle provides a great model that demonstrates how Planning, Sourcing and Managing combine to support great procurement practice. But too often, different teams are responsible for each phase. This leads to a lack of continuity, as a procurement project moves through those critical phases. Promises […]

What’s the Pay-back for investing in procurement training?

You’ll be astonished! In times of severe belt-tightening and budget cutting, often the first thing to go is the training budget. At $1,500 for a two-day training course, or $4,800 for getting fully qualified, that sounds like a lot. But as we found out, procurement training should be the very last budget that gets the […]

What Evaluation Method Should I Use?

A checklist for practitioners The range of evaluation methods available for you to use is fairly broad, and not all methods are well known. Here is a quick and dirty summary of the main evaluation methods that are available, together with some guidelines on when and how to use them. Direct Appointment: Used frequently in […]

Tender Evaluators match-making service – Available now at no cost!

Need a skilled tender evaluator? We can put you in with a skilled procurement professional who needs examples of tender evaluations to complete their NZQA Procurement Qualification. Each of these candidates has completed 80% of the qualification, and has been thoroughly trained in best practice in evaluating tenders and procurement probity. We have candidates based […]

Should our big spenders be qualified?

Isn’t it time that those who spend tens of billions of dollars of public money every year should be obliged to be trained and qualified to spend it wisely?  We think a generic NZQA-accredited procurement qualification should be required for procurement practitioners of significant projects. The savings – both in procurement process efficiency and in […]

A Landmark Legal Decision exposes unfair Tendering Practices

A victory was scored by a supplier in late July 2015, with a High Court decision against a Ministry that breached Government’s Procurement Rules. The tendering decision was overturned, and all legal costs of the plaintiff were borne by the defendant. The Problem Gambling Foundation has successfully challenged a tendering decision by the Ministry of […]

New Tools That Cut Tender Evaluation Costs

The NZTA’s Procurement manual, together with various guides available from MBIE, is now firmly established as the benchmark for local government procurement. Many councils have opted to use the NZTA’s procedures for procurement in areas that have no relation to the NZTA-funded transport projects (where the procedures are mandatory). A series of workshops for qualified […]

Procurement in the 21st Century

So you’re new to procurement and tendering? Or maybe, you’re just keen to see the latest developments in procurement best practice. This article gives you a snapshot of what to expect, and how to make life easier for everyone through solid preparation on your procurement process. Put simply, procurement is the process of acquiring goods […]