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NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Procurement Procedures

Since 2012, Clever Buying has developed and delivered the only dedicated and comprehensive, fully supported training programme for this NZQA qualification.

The majority of NZTA-Qualified Proposal Evaluators – and hundreds of other government procurement professionals, have graduated using Clever Buying’s outstanding teaching programme and user-friendly resources.  

 Clever Buying’s refreshed six-module training and assessment structure provides a far more manageable, accessible and student-friendly pathway to completion than the traditional Unit Standards used elsewhere. Most of the learning content is online, so you can manage your study alongside your work and personal commitments.

Clever Buying’s unique work-based scenarios help students to fast-track their study, without having to wait months (or years!) for procurement opportunities at work. And we support our students with real-life procurement wisdom from our friendly expert tutors, as well as leading-edge emerging procurement tools.

Our training programme combines best practice leading-edge procurement practice in a range of different formats, including face-to-face foundation training, online tools and tutorials, and one-to-one mentoring from procurement experts. 

All of our assessors and trainers are recognised leading-edge practitioners in procurement, which means our students are individually supported with the best available, up-to-the-minute knowledge in procurement best practice. Thousands of procurement staff have been trained and qualified through Clever Buying’s programme.

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How it works

After registering for assessment, you can get started right away on your training. The first step is to use pre-reading and training materials that we provide, to complete a short introductory assignment on Procurement Practice in New Zaland. This provides you with a strong basis to continue with this qualification.

To complete Module 1, you’ll also attend the two-day Clever Buying course (normally within the first 90 days of your enrolment). You’ll hand in your course materials to complete the first module in your Procurement Assessment Programme.

As a Clever Buying student, you’ll get one-on-one coaching from an expert qualified Procurement Assessor as you work through the five other procurement assignments. 

These involve:

Module 2 – Legal and Ethical Aspects of Procurement, and NZ Government Procurement Rules – this is a desktop assignment which takes most people around one day. It asks you to research and apply principles of ethical procurement and demonstrate your familiarity with, and correct application of, relevant Principles and Rules that apply to NZ Public Sector procurement.

Module 3 – Procurement Strategy and Planning – this involves preparing a detailed procurement plan for a live or scenario-based project. You’ll receive a template to work in, as well as extensive training materials. Your Assessor will provide feedback and detailed guidance on your procurement plan, prior to formal assessment. Formal assessment is through both written evidence and a professional discussion.

Module 4 – Procurement Sourcing Processes – This module is largely desk work, involving learning techniques and theory that create alignment between procurement plans, and sourcing design, including supplier selection methods, delivery models, open and closed tenders, developing pre-conditions and selecting non-price attributes, determining scoring guidelines and questions that provide evidence for scoring. Most people take one or two days to complete this module, at their own pace and typically spread over a few weeks.

Module 5 – Procurement Sourcing Practical – involves Preparing two RFx Documents (supported with a robust procurement plan, which can be the one you have already prepared). These can be based on a scenario that we can provide, or a real-life example from your workplace. Your Assessor will provide you with feedback and guidance so you meet the required standard. Assessment will be through both written evidence and a professional discussion.

Module 6 – Managing, processing and evaluating tenders – this module requires you to demonstrate your abilities to manage the sourcing process to complete award of a contract. It includes developing scoring systems, briefing Tender Evaluation Teams and preparing Tender Evaluation Reports. Two examples (at least) are needed. Assessment will be through both written evidence and a professional discussion.

There are more than 80 procurement professionals registered completing on-job workplace practical procurement study through the Clever Buying programme. All Clever Buying graduates have provided excellent feedback on the value of their journey through achieving this qualification.

Note: Clever Buying programme participants should complete and submit at least one training module every three months. If circumstances do not allow this progression, students MUST communicate with their Assessor, at least every three months, to update on their progress. Your Qualified Personal Trainer/ Assessor will be on hand to help you or give advice at any stage.

If you have questions about your progress through the qualification, or you would like to know more about getting qualified, please contact us.
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