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Clever Buying NZQA Assessment – Terms and Conditions

Involvement in Procurement Activity

Completion of the NZQA qualification requires me to be personally involved in practical procurement activity (procurement planning, developing RFx documents, processing and evaluating tenders) Approval and Support of my Manager 

I have discussed the requirement of this qualification to be directly and personally involved in practical procurement activity at work (as described above) with my manager who is named above. He/ she has agreed to support me through this qualification by providing opportunities for me to develop and demonstrate my skills in practical procurement planning, developing RFT documents, processing and evaluating tenders. NZQA Assessment requirements 

Assessment will be a combination of:

  • Completion of Unit Standard 18930 on legal and ethical standards and Government Procurement Rules
  • Completion of 4 workplace-based practical procurement assignments, with at least one deliverable every three months
  • Completed inputs and outputs of the Clever Buying Course – including Clever Buying Workbook, Procurement Plan and Response Form
  • Professional Discussions (interviews via video )

Self management of my study programme

I will aim to complete the qualification within 14 months of start date. To achieve this, I will take personal responsibility for completing at least one deliverable assignment to my assessor every three months. I accept that I may need to invest up to one day outside business hours every three months in order to remain suitable for this qualification. 

Proactive communication

I will notify my assessor proactively if there is any reason that may limit my ability to complete the qualification within 14 months. I will respond promptly to communications (including follow-up, written feedback and assignment tasks) from my assessor. 

Use Clever Buying Materials 

To maximise efficiency in assessment, I will use the assignment templates and guidelines provided by Clever Buying for my assignments, unless otherwise agreed with my assessor. I will check my materials carefully before submitting them to ensure they are complete and have followed the guidelines. 

Fee structure

I understand and accept that the following fee structure applies: 

  • In the first 3-4 months, I will attend a training course, valued at $1400 + GST. Assessment of this qualification typically is valued at approximately $3,000 + GST, depending on the level of guidance provided by the assessor.
  • Provided I have a training agreement  and Training Plan issued by Connexis ITO prior to starting training, these fees will be covered by NZ Government as part of the TTAF fund.
  • If I do not show up to a training course which I have booked and had confirmed; or cancel and do not find a replacement within one week of the course start; I will pay Clever Buying directly for the course fees of $1400 plus GST.
  • If assessment time is likely to exceed the $3,000 Government-funded allowance, I will be notified.
  • I agree to pay for any assessor time that exceeds $3,000.
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