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Training Transition Agreement

For more information about our Diploma in NZ Public Sector Procurement download this brochure. 

Please complete this form if you would like to continue procurement training with Clever Buying in 2023 towards this qualification. By completing this form, you acknowledge and agree:

  1. I will be able to progress in the training at my own pace with no non-negotiable deadlines for completion of assessment tasks.
  2. All my training and assessment work done to date will be cross-credited from the NZCIPP which I was formerly enrolled in, to the Diploma in NZ Public Sector Procurement Qualification.
  3. The Diploma in NZ Public Sector Procurement is of equal or higher standard than NZCIPP and will be recognised by NZ Public Sector organisations.
  4. All training, assessment and student support for this qualification will be carried out by Clever Buying. Connexis ITO/ Te Pukenga has no involvement in my procurement training or qualification after 31 December 2022.
  5. Training and Assessment costs will be met by my organisation (see fee scale and invoicing details below).
Trainee Details
Your full legal name*
Your Email*
Your mobile phone number*
Your Employer*
Location you are based*
Training Approver or Manager Details
- Approval and Support of my Manager
I have discussed the requirement of this qualification to be directly and personally involved in practical procurement activity at work (as described above) with my manager who is named above.
He/ she has agreed to support me through this qualification by providing opportunities for me to develop and demonstrate my skills in practical procurement planning, developing RFT documents, processing and evaluating tenders.
- Assessment requirements
Assessment will be a combination of:
  • Six practical procurement training modules (including the Clever Buying two-day training course)
  • Responses to written and/or verbal feedback from my Assessor
  • Professional Discussions (assessment interviews via video)
- Involvement in Procurement Activity
Completion of the qualification requires me to be personally involved in practical procurement activity (procurement planning, developing RFx documents, processing and evaluating tenders)
- Proactive communication
I will notify my assessor proactively if there is any reason that may limit my ability to progress my assignment work. I will respond promptly to communications (including follow-up, written feedback and assignment tasks) from my assessor.
- Self management of my study programme
I will communicate with my Assessor every three months.
I accept that I may need to invest up to one day outside business hours every three months in order to remain suitable for this qualification.
- Use Clever Buying Materials
To maximise efficiency in assessment, I will use the assignment templates and guidelines provided by Clever Buying for my assignments, unless otherwise agreed with my Assessor. I will check my materials carefully before submitting them to ensure they are complete and have followed the guidelines.
Qualification Completion Transition Fees
I have completed and had full sign-off for:*
*All fees exclude GST
*If Clever Buying is not already an approved supplier with your organisation, please ask your accounts department to contact us and/ or send us the relevant forms.
- Fee structure
I understand and accept that:
  • Training and Assessment fees are due 20th of the month following invoice date.
  • Qualification Completion Transition fees are not normally refundable.
  • If additional coaching and mentoring is needed, I will be notified. Note that added costs may apply.
Invoicing details
Accounting contact name (for invoice queries)
Accounts Contact Email
Accounting contact phone
Training course fees invoice to be sent to:
Purchase Order or reference for invoicing (required)*
Anything else you'd like us to know?
When you click “submit”, you will be redirected to a completion page and you’ll receive an email copy of your form. If these do not happen, we will not have received your details – please try again or contact us.
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