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Procurement for Senior Managers

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Who is this for?

This short course is designed for senior managers or elected members, who need to sign off on procurement documents and/ or approve recommendations made by tender evaluation teams. It focuses on the things these senior people need to know, specifically:

  1. What supplier selection methods are available and when each is suitable
  2. The key elements of an effective procurement planning approach
  3. How evaluations are (should be!) done
  4. Key aspects of the new Procurement Rules (e.g. Broader Outcomes)
  5. Critical probity issues –
    1. Conflicts of Interest
    2. Legal requirements
    3. NZ tendering case law
    4. Dealing with ethical issues.

The course involves some discussion activity and lots of real-life examples (procurement war stories from Councils and other government organisations).


  • 3-4 hours

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